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Salad Cutter Bowl, Salad Maker, Salad Bowl, Vegetable Salad Chopper, Salad Shooter, Salad Server-Make Your Salad in 60

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1. Put ingredients into the bowl

Put the ingredients into the bowl and wash them under the running water from the tap. Hold the salad bowl for a while and shake it to

drain the water. Make sure the ingredients are no more than 3/4 of the bowl


2. Close the bowl

Make sure that the upper cover is fixed well with the base, turn over the gadget and put it on the table.


3. Cut the ingredients through the cracks

Use a long enough knife to cut the ingredients through the card slot into small pieces to make salad. We advise you to use the knife with

about 7 inches to cut.


4. Rotate the bowl by 90°

Rotate 90 degrees of the upper cover and fix it again with the base. The special notches will help you to do this for exactly 90 °.


5. Cut the ingredients again

Following the step 3, cut the ingredients again to make them smaller. You will get more perfect pieces.


6. Done the making

Now the salad is ready. Enjoy your delicious salad.


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