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NARJ'S Smart Kitchen Scissors 2-in-1 Chopper Knife Shears with Cutting Board -Stainless Steel Blade Slicer Cutter for Vegetables Fruits Herbs


CLEVER MULTIFUNCTIONAL CHOPPER | CUTTER: NARJ'S All-in-one kitchen tool takes does the job of many, more expensive gadgets! 2-in-1 cutting board and kitchen scissors able to chop, dice, slice, mince, cut and even peel. Everything falls on the Cutting Board attached to the sheers. Take on fruit and vegetables, and add them directly into the pot, over salads or reserve for a recipe. Wide opening for cutting large food.

- TRANSFORMS INTO SHARP KNIFE: Easily detaches from built-in cutting board for a handy and sharp Stainless Steel knife blade. Use the knife to slice, peel, scrape and much more. Cut meat, chicken, pork, or peel vegetables and fruits.

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